Jay AdminstagRP posted Dec 20, 17


** By logging onto server
you are expected to have read,
agreed to and follow ALL rules listed below. **

All rules are subject to admins discretion

all admin decisions are final

1. Don’t GRIEF the server or other players!
This includes luring wild dino’s into bases, pillar spamming, etc.

2. We don’t tolerate stealing on this server.
We are a friendly PvE server and if you are caught stealing from other players/tribes you will be given a warning or a temporary ban.

3. No cheating, hacking, duping, glitching or exploiting!

4. No chat abuse!
This includes provocation of others players, spamming global and consistent begging in game and/or on discord, doing so will result in a warning or a temporary ban.

5. Do not beg admins for free items or dinos.
We have a loyalty store if you wish to trade items. Loyalty points can be gained by donating to the server through the store or from ingame events.

6. Bases up for demolish.
Bases may be demolished, but only when all structures are demolishable, don’t leave ruins behind please. ​​Or contact an admin and they will come and do it for you. There won’t be any refunds if your base has been raided/deleted.

7. Any tames taken into caves are at your own risk.
Dinosaurs glitched or stuck in caves will not be teleported out under any circumstances. (No is NO!). Dinos tamed in cave may be teleported out if unable to pass through a hall, with exception to carno island cave.

8. Tribe wars are allowed.
When both tribe leaders agree to the WAR! However nothing will be refunded if lost with in the PvP battle as this has been agreed on from both parties as an act of War.

9. Keep resource zones clear from structures, dinos or rafts.
This includes caves, the volcano, Carno/Dead Island, Herbivore Island, North Western Icebergs. Please abide by all admin signs.

10. In game Bases.
You are welcome to have a main base for the size your tribe needs, and three smaller outposts, a water pen counts as outpost unless included into a main base. Any bases over this number will be asked to be demolished (you get 3 days), if ignored it will be deleted without refunds.
All bases and outposts are under the admins discretion for size, please contact a different admin if you want to appeal the decision. If you plan on foundation spamming for a new base PLEASE talk with admin team or they will be deleted without warning.

11. Please empty beaver dams.
DO NOT LEAVE WOOD PLEASE! Also do not build at beaver dam locations as this will stop them spawning into game, if you are caught you will get a warning or ban if persistent.

12. No bridges
If you want to request permission for a bridge please contact an admin in game or on discord. No permission no bridges.

13. No trading using out of game currency.
This includes trading items, dinos or services for payments directly using methods such as paypal etc.

14. Remove all taming structures when finished with the tame such as spikes or gates.
Traps may be left with admin permission & unlocked for public use.
There will only be one warning given if this rule is broken.


Do not block access to natural ziplines.

Don't place ziplines close to other tribes without their permission.

Do not box in or wall off and Charge nodes, they are to remain open for public access.

Z plants may be included in your base only if another is very close by.

Contact an admin to confirm you are not breaking this rule.

Changing these rules.

ukevolved can change these rules at any time given. If one of those rules does not apply anymore, the others will still do. By playing on our servers, you agree to all of these rules. You have no excuse that you didn't know about them.

If you agree to our rules and like these settings, feel free to check us out on our Discord server.
You are welcome to join our server any time all IP info is on discord.

Thank you for taking to time to read about our servers. Now it’s time to decide if you like what you see and want to be a part of our community come and join are great helpful friendly servers with nice tribes and players, we are all out to have a good time.

Last update was 20.12.2017