Server News

Jay AdminstagRP posted Fri at 13:51

Server News

Hello Survivors, 

We do not WIPE our servers

unless we really need one

This is an admin only decision. 


Your welcome to use the Discount code 15% OFF
for St Patrick's Day to get 15% off all items in store
this will run from 17 Mar - 19Mar.

ukevolved's main Island server was

founded on 17th June 2015.

The Aberration server

was founded on 12 December 2017.

The Ragnarok server

was founded on 12 June 2017.

The Scorched Earth server

was founded on 1 September 2016

There is no schedule to wipe the servers

ALL SERVERS Last wiped on 29.08.2017

The store is closed for 2 weeks on wipes.


x1 XP, Farming and Taming.

All server IP's can be found on are Discord.


We run x2 on all server from
Friday 12pm - Monday 12pm
UK Time GMT.

Server Events

The admins hold a minimum of

one event a week, sometimes more.

Some of the larger tribes also

occasionally organize their own events.

All Admin events reward the winners with good

items/gear, dino’s or materials.

All players taking part will receive loyalty points.


Cluster Servers:

We run 4 servers all linked by cluster,

this means that our players can transfer

back and forth between the 4 servers

which runs different maps.

Currently The Island, ScorchedEarth, Ragnarok & Aberration.

You will NOT be able to download any data

from single player or other servers.

Donation Store

If you would like to support the server

by a Donation or Subscription

please see our store Thanks.


If you would like to trade some of your

loyalty points for in game items

please click the "Store" tab on the home bar.

As said from the start were NOT pay to win

Items in store can be gotten

from ingame by playing.

with the exception of

baby boosting and imprinting.

Server Subscription

All subscribers get access to sub only events

and bonus rewards, for participating in

any Admin event. You will receive

the Subscriber Rank, on the forum

and get a special rank on Discord

with sub only rooms. As well

as 20% off store items and

a Sub Only Tab in store.


** By logging onto server

you are expected to have read and

agreed to follow ALL rules listed here. **